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4292 Balboa Ave.

San Diego, CA 92117

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About Us

Canyon View church of Christ came into existence came into existence in 1994 when the Clairemont church came together with the Pacific Beach church. This was a wonderful example of the unity that Christ wanted his followers to model. Since then our family at Canyon View has grown steadily as new Christians are added to God’s family on almost a daily basis. We are passionate about the Great Commission mentioned in the Gospel of Matthew, calling Christians to go out and make disciples of all people by baptizing them in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit and teaching them how to obey the words of Christ.

We have a vision to reach the many in San Diego and abroad who don’t yet know of Christ’s love. We accomplish our task through God’s power and the work of many different ministry teams in our congregation.



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Canyon View church of Christ is a church family that believes in the power of Christ working through ordinary people accomplishing the extraordinary. We have a simple faith and seek the simple truths of the Bible and call ourselves, simply, Christians. We are lovers of the Word of God and do our best to model our lives after the Word Himself, Christ our Savior.



Pulpit Minister

-Barry Day



Youth Minister

- Austin Bowman



Children's Ministry Director

- Kendra Dager
- Carey Kercher