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October 25-27

Guest Speaker: Kay Gowen

This year we will be BREWING UP some wonderful experiences that will have our cups overflowing with love from lessons in 1 John. We are thrilled to have Kay Gowen return as our guest speaker this year. She is from Searcy, Arkansas and is the Director of Abundant Living Senior Outreach at Harding University. We look forward to Kay bringing us HEART STIRRING lessons that will deepen our relationship with God and with each other. There will be a LATTE LOVE to drink in as we taste the sweet, sweet love our Heavenly Father has for each of us as we encourage each other to work together in WELL BLENDED HARMONY. See you at the COFFEE SHOP, we mean the beautiful mountains of Oak Glen! We can’t wait to share a cup of steaming hot coffee (or tea) and fellowship with you.

Your West Coast Ladies Retreat Committee, 2019

Regular price: $165 The Early Bird Special: $150 (Ends Aug. 31st.)

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