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God’s Love

Fighting the Good Fight with Prayer
Where do you begin to change things in your life?  When do you begin to start living a better life?  When do you begin to have victory in the challenges you face? To help the ones you love find salvation? The very best way to Fight this Good Fight is with PRAYER.

I am Thankful for the Power of Prayer
Our lesson this morning on prayer is about Jesus’ disciples failing to heal a boy when they had the power to do so. Why did they fail? They didn’t pray. Jesus taught them that the power is not in them or us, it’s in the Lord!


2019 MONTH OF PRAYER: Thanking God for our Church Family
Do you believe prayer works? Does it change things? We need constant, positive, specific, God-glorifying, Christ-adoring, love-filled, faithful, result-oriented prayers for our congregation.

International Day of Prayer

The Apostle of Love: Being Known for Love
What’s the evidence that God’s love is in us? When our love is at work. We’re all known for something. Be Known For Love!

The Apostle of Love
Jesus Love Sinners and Strugglers

The Apostle of Love
Learning to Love

The Scale of the Veil – Derrel Williams

The Potter and the Clay

Samuel: Serving the Lord all the Days of His Life

We must prepare our children to faithfully serve the Lord all the days of their lives.

Jesus Died for everyone… EVERYONE! 

For us to have a full and accurate understanding of Jesus on the cross, we must understand and confess that The Innocent died for the Guilty! He died on the cross for everyone…EVERYONE!

Jesus Keep Me Near the Cross

Jesus was on a mission to die on a cross. The cross of Jesus symbolizes his death and our life.

Jesus Keep Me Near the Cross

Jesus was on a mission to die on a cross. The cross of Jesus symbolizes his death and our life.

FOOLPROOF: GOD’S WISDOM FOR EVERY DAY LIFE God’s Wisdom for Our Relationships

Love your neighbor as yourself.” Can you imagine a world, a country, a neighborhood, a marriage, a family, a friendship, a job, and a congregation where people loved each other and treated each other this way?


“Foolproof: God’s Wisdom For Everyday Life—Wisdom Overcomes Pride”

Sinful pride is dangerous and deadly. Our goal today is to learn to be humble like Jesus and to exalt our Father in Heaven. “Pride is your greatest enemy, humility is your greatest friend.

Foolproof: Practical Wisdom for Everyday Life—Wisdom Overcomes Anger

The wisdom of God is meant to be practical. It’s meant to help us in everyday issues of everyday life.
God’s wisdom will protect our lives, marriages, families, friendships, and our reputation by helping us overcome
sinful anger.

Chosen One

Guest speaker Alexander Jamerison, Harding University

Foolproof: “Living By God’s Wisdom”

Are you Wise or Foolish? Wisdom and foolishness is more than the difference between being knowledgeable or ignorant. It’s the difference between godliness and sin. Wisdom is the ability to judge correctly, and follow the best course of action based on knowledge and understanding of God’s word. Since God’s wisdom is revealed, we are capable of knowing it and living by it.