Audio Sermons

#1 The People Jesus Healed: Why Did Jesus Heal?

GOD’S WILL FOR JESUS: “It was God’s will to Crush Him” But Not to Abandon Him to the Grave”

GOD’S WILL: Determined to Accomplish God’s Will

GOD’S WILL: Fighting God’s Will

GOD’S WILL: Learning to Make Better Decisions

GOD’S WILL: “Your Will Be Done”  Submission to the Sovereignty of God

GOD’S WILL: Keeping the BIG Picture in MInd



Examining the Heart

8 CHURCHES – #7 Laodicea: “On Fire for Christ

8 Churches – #5 Sardis, Wake Up!

8 CHURCHES – #4 Thyatira: Being Pure in an Impure World

8 Churches – #3 Pergamum: Faithful Living Where Satan Lives

Barry Day presents 8 Churches – #2 Symrna: Do Not Be Afraid

8 Churches #1 Ephesians: Be Faithful to Your First Love

The Lord Among Us

God’s Greatest Gift: The Gift Exchange

God’s Greatest GIft

Colossians –  Making Jesus the Lord of Your Life: A Better Life Everyday

Colossians – Making Jesus the Lord of Your Life:  A New and Better Focus

Colossians – Making Jesus the Lord of Your Life. Jesus is All We Need


Colossians: Making Jesus the Lord of Your Life: Growing in the Lord

Colossians: Making Jesus the Lord of Your Life

The Letter to the Colossians: Making Jesus the Lord of your life.

2020 Salvation Series: Your Baptism

2020 Salvation Series: Jesus Sets Us Free

2020 Salvation Series: Trusting What Jesus Says About Salvation




ABRAHAM: Faith that Goes All the Way

SARAH: Faith during doubt, Disappointment and Desperation

ABRAHAM: Faith is…

Abraham: Distractions, Walking with God by Faith


Abraham: The Testing of Abraham’s New Faith

Abraham: Fully Following God

Abraham: Walking With God by Faith

Austin Bowman –

The Peacemakers: Our Relationships with Others Affect Our Relationship with God

The Peacemakers: Restoring a Relationship

The Peacemakers: (2) Get the Plank Out of Your Eye

The Peacemakers: Am I a Peacemaker?

The Letter to the Colossians: “The Impact of Christ and the Gospel” (Colossians 1:1-14)
How has Jesus impacted your life? How have you changed since you’ve known him? Jesus and the Gospel change us when we make Jesus our Lord?


The Letter to the Colossians:  “Is Christ the Lord of My Life?”
We must move beyond simply calling Jesus “Lord.”  We must acknowledge who he is, and then pattern our life on his life. Living with Christ as our Lord implies we will leave our old life behind

This is to My Father’s Glory: My Personal Ministry
What’s Your Ministry?
When we understand the Grace and Kindness that God has show us, we respond in service


DEVOTED! A Devoted Life Will Have Struggles and Doubts
Devotion to Christ can bring challenges and struggles. But the blessing of devotion far outweigh the struggles

Devoted! Devotion Requires Humility and Submission
To be devoted, Jesus must become greater in our lives, and we must become less.

DEVOTED! How do Christians Learn to be Devote?
Our goal must be to add to our focused vision our full devotion to the Lord.  How do we learn to be devoted? Influence. Observation. Decision.

2020 VISION: Focused on Prayer
One of the most important things to focus on is looking to heaven, talking to God, and asking him to give us success.  This is what Jesus did on the night before his death. In John 17, Jesus “looked toward heaven and prayed” for the success of God’s plans and his disciples’ mission.

2020 VISION: Darkness to Light
A focused church is filled with focused Christians. Our focus must always be on Jesus, on the spiritual need of others, on the spiritual and the eternal, and on perfection with Christ.  However, Satan will not sit back and watch us mature in Christ.  Whereas Christ fights for us, Satan fights against us. This fight is between the light of Christ and the darkness of Satan