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Kenneth Heath

Kenneth Heath has been with the Canyon View Church of Christ since its inception having been baptized at the Pacific Beach Church of Christ and becoming a strong contributing member at that congregation.  He served for over 25 years as the lay-leader for Church of Christ services at the Marine Corps Recruit Depot (MCRD).  He was lead teacher for the 3rd-6th grade Learning Center as well as the Teen and Youth advisor, hosting the “Friday Night Fun Nights” groups for teens and youth to hang out, play games, and having quarterly group meals.  Kenneth loves leading textual Bible studies and frequently teaches adult conversational style classes on Sundays.  The Heaths have also hosted many weekly and monthly home Bible study groups, Life Groups, and “Home Church”.  His passion is hospitality, hosting and cooking for the monthly Men’s Breakfast here at Canyon View.  He has also chaired and hosted an annual Christmas Open House, ladies’ teas, and other meal-centric events, including picnics, barbecues, play and game parties, and social events for all ages.  Their adult son is a professional zookeeper and lives in the Ohio Valley area.  When visiting you may notice Kenneth “fashionably” attired in a homemade vest.  Be sure to meet him and discover his bubbly enthusiasm for God’s people.