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The students, parents, staff & board of Mayfield City Schools wanted to take the time to reach out and say a special THANK YOU for your gift to the Mayfield Donation Fund in the wake of the unimaginable events of December 10th, 2021. The outpouring of love and support of people like you has been much needed in our school system!
For our students and staff, whether they were directly affected or not, their lives were forever changed that night. We are very blessed to report that all our school campuses were spared major damage. Even more incredible is the miracle that we did not lose any students enrolled at our schools. However, our bus garage and maintenance area were a total loss and the district lost 19 of our 20 buses along with all of our upkeep equipment.
Furthermore, we did have 65 families who lost everything.
As we were scrambling to try to contact students while still in shock, this fund idea came from a Mayfield alumni who wanted the money to go directly to our school system and be put into immediate action. His goal was to try to provide any immediate needs while maintaining contact and keeping students enrolled in Mayfield schools. We are blessed to have a great team, and the already active family resource infrastructure in place enabled us to quickly make an impact in an organized manner.
We understand this is a huge long-term recovery for our school system. We intend to come out even better on the other side thanks to the gifts and support we have received.
On behalf of the entire community and Mayfield City Schools, we appreciate you forever!