Sunday Morning – 01/24/21

8 CHURCHES – #4 Thyatira: Being Pure in an Impure World

Sunday Morning – 11/02/20

The Letter to the Colossians: Making Jesus the Lord of your life.

Back to School Ministry Thank You

A Back-to-School update:

Your generous donations this unusual school year have provided an abundance of learning and health-related supplies.  We’ve already made two deliveries. Both schools were overwhelmed by the outpouring of your giving.

This is a  huge “THANK YOU” to everyone in the Canyon View family who donated backpacks, school supplies and money for this very different school year.  Your generosity allowed our congregation to reach out to three learning facilities.  Beside the usual back-to-school items, we were able to provide “on request” supplies that were unique to distance learning and home visits. The staff at each site was overwhelmed by your outpouring of support.

Keep in mind that this is a once-a-year community outreach. Please continue to support the on-going ministries of Blue Bags and Ronald McDonald House which are year-round examples of “caring and action in the community”.

Carol Simonson

Here is a letter from Eileen Moreno, Ed.D, Principal at Carlson Elementary:

Thank you, your church, and the retirement center for your generous donations and the purchase of the planners. We are so appreciative and gratified for having this partnership with you.  We are also very pleased to continue the Blue Bags food distribution.
As you know, this is a challenging time for schools and unfortunately we hear the negative more often than positive so having the support of the community definitely helps to keep things in perspective and makes us happy. Thank you for that!

Carson elementary school donations Carson elementary school donations
In addition, we will continue to work with the Jackie Robinson Y and two elementary schools to purchase items that have been identified by school staff as newly necessary during this atypical school year…items like student planners, individual whiteboards, and hygiene items.  Normal school supplies continue to be needed. We will gladly shop if you wish to donate through Canyon View by check, cash, or on-line.
If you have questions or comments, please talk with Carol Simonson or email her at

New Times and Classes

New Times and Classes
Bible Class

Sunday mornings in the courtyard we will start a new Bible Study for all to join at 8:00 am. You can join us for Drive-in/Courtyard Sunday Worship Service at 9:00 am.

If you have kids in Middle school or High School, Paul and Arlene Ashton will be leading a Bible class immediately following service starting at 10:00 am.

Join us this Sunday at our new times.
8:00 am Bible Class – Courtyard
9:00 am Worship Service – Drive-in/Courtyard
10:00 am Middle/High School Bible Class – Courtyard
10:00 am Online – Facebook Worship Service

Drive in Services at Canyon View



Sunday Morning – 12/15/19

3 Reasons Why JESUS Came: Jesus Came to Call Sinner to Repentance

Jesus was sent by God and born into our world to help people change and be right with God. Just like faith, repentance is not real unless it motivates us to action and change.

Repentance is the decision and the follow through of changing the direction of our lives by living for God and his righteousness.

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