Food Bag Ministry

God has so blessed us and is taking such good care of us, it seems only fitting that we should look for every opportunity to do what we do best—give and share what God has given to us.

Keith and Sue Youngflesh, along with many other CV members, have been presenting us with ways to share with others. Our yearly giving of Christmas grocery bags has been so successful over the years that we are asking individuals, families, and Life Groups to participate in a monthly food bag program that also advertises our congregation with reusable food bags, imprinted with Canyon View’s information.

The food bags are designed to meet the needs of members, neighbors, friends, and family who need food for various reasons: loss of income, lack of work, long-term illness, new to the neighborhood, or a new baby.

In the lobby, pick up a Food Shopping List with instructions and a blue Canyon View recyclable bag each month. Buy the items, fill the bag, and drop it off in the lobby. Each bag is approximately $30 worth of food and weighs approximately 17.5 pounds. If you can’t shop, but wish to donate money toward a food bag, see Keith and Sue Youngflesh or Barry Day.

The food bags will be ready for pick up and distribution by the first Sunday in September. Once we are stocked, they will be available in Room #5. For special circumstances, communicate requests for delivery to Sue and Keith Youngflesh. Any food bags not needed at the end of the month will be donated to our local schools.

Shopping List for Canyon  View Food Bags