Back-to-School 2019 Outreach

The traditional school year will begin in late August for most students. Stores are now promoting sales on back-to-school items. Backpacks and supplies will be collected at Canyon View beginning August 11. Collection bins will be in the foyer along with a list of suggested supplies. If anyone would rather offer a cash/check donation to buy backpacks/supplies, we will gladly do the shopping! Backpacks filled with school supplies will again be distributed to students at Kit Carson Elementary School in Linda Vista. Our current goal is to provide 20 supplied backpacks.

This is just one of several “above and beyond” Canyon View ministries that offers members an opportunity to show the community we care.

Please contact Carol Simonson, Patti Rolla or Gayla Giles if you have questions or comments about this outreach effort. Thank you, in advance, for your continued generosity.

Barry Day - Sunday Morning - 09/08/19

Blue Bag Christmas

Our Blue Bag Christmas collection has begun. Our goal is 100 bags. Deadline is December 9. Please pick up the blue bag in the foyer, you can download the suggested food list below. Feel free to add more than what is on the list. Please add a decoration to the blue bag. If you need assistance with carrying your bag, please ask Keith or Sue Youngflesh. Your support is very appreciated by all. Thank you!

Download a copy of the suggested Food List

Barry Day - Sunday Morning - 09/08/19

Men’s Retreat 2018

About the Speaker:

D r .  H a r r y C . Washington, III is a Nationally Licensed Clinical Christian Counselor through the National Christian Counselors Association. He is the minister of the Outreach Church of Christ Ministries in Woodland, California. Dr. Washington realized that he had a calling on his life for counseling at a young age. He recalls as a teenager being selected as a youth counselor for the small children at the YMCA. It was during that summer that he realized the impact he had on the lives of others. During this season in his life, he began to go to church and was able to grow in many ways.

He reflects back to his home congregation of North Broadway Church of Christ in Mt. Clemens, Michigan. It was there that he first began to learn to minister to others in ways that would be pleasing to Christ. Dr. Washington retired from the United States Air Force after serving for 20 years. He thoroughly enjoyed his time in the Air Force. No matter where he was stationed, the body of Christ was there as his family.

While in the military Dr. Washington was able to become an Air Force Heavyweight Boxing Champion and the Army’s 7th Core Superheavyweight Boxing Champion. Being an athlete has enhanced his perseverance, dedication and commitment to the cause of the gospel of Christ.

Dr. Washington is the founder and director of Christian Grace Counseling Center and Christian Grace Counseling Academy. He provides Biblically-based counseling that looks to the heart issues and not just the symptoms. He focuses on individual, marriage, and family specialties, including depression, anxiety, co-dependency, all addictions (including lust/sexual addiction), self-esteem issues, anger, sexual abuse, pre-marital counseling, marital and family relationships problems, and spiritual issues. His Christian Counseling Academy provides training opportunities for others to become Christian counselors.

Dr. Washington received his Doctorate in Philosophy and Clinical Christian Counseling from Cornerstone University. He received his master’s degree in Bible and Ministry from Lubbock Christian University. He also obtained a bachelor’s degree in Psychology with a minor in Sociology and a bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice from Columbia College. He received his associate degree in Business Administration from Southwestern Christian College.

Dr. Washington resides in Sacramento with his lovely wife and soul mate, Audrey. He has two adult children and nine grandchildren.

Retreat Information:

October 12-14, 2018
Idyllwild, CA



Barry Day - Sunday Morning - 09/08/19

Food Bag Ministry

God has so blessed us and is taking such good care of us, it seems only fitting that we should look for every opportunity to do what we do best—give and share what God has given to us.

Keith and Sue Youngflesh, along with many other CV members, have been presenting us with ways to share with others. Our yearly giving of Christmas grocery bags has been so successful over the years that we are asking individuals, families, and Life Groups to participate in a monthly food bag program that also advertises our congregation with reusable food bags, imprinted with Canyon View’s information.

The food bags are designed to meet the needs of members, neighbors, friends, and family who need food for various reasons: loss of income, lack of work, long-term illness, new to the neighborhood, or a new baby.

In the lobby, pick up a Food Shopping List with instructions and a blue Canyon View recyclable bag each month. Buy the items, fill the bag, and drop it off in the lobby. Each bag is approximately $30 worth of food and weighs approximately 17.5 pounds. If you can’t shop, but wish to donate money toward a food bag, see Keith and Sue Youngflesh or Barry Day.

Shopping List for Canyon  View Food Bags

Barry Day - Sunday Morning - 09/08/19

Blood Drive at Canyon View

A single unit of blood can provide up to three patients with life saving treatments.  Donating a unit of blood takes about 30-40 minutes.  This time frame includes the paperwork that needs to be filled out and the post-donation time in the “canteen” area of the mobile where you are offered juice, water, and/or light snacks.

If you are planning on being a first time donor, we can schedule a few mini-meetings between class and church time or after worship between August 15 and September 2. If you would rather talk one-on-one with a “veteran” donor, let us know.

If you are ready to make an appointment for this blood drive, there are two ways you can do this:

  1. You can call the San Diego Blood Bank at 1-800-469-7322. Let them know you want to donate at Canyon View on 9/9.
  2. Go on-line to sandiegobloodbank.org website. Go to the appointment tab for mobile donation sites. Put in 9/9 as donation date. Our location will  show up there.  You do not need to provide an account or log-in to make an appointment.

If you wish to have your donation added to Canyon View’s “credit” system at the San Diego Blood Bank, just mention the code CVCH, when you donate. This is an account that can be used by members in need of blood donations. (Reminder cards will be provided.)

We hope to have at least 15-20 units of blood donated. The drive will be open to the Clairemont community.  Blood donors are truly giving folks so we want these visitors to feel welcome on our site.  Canyon Villas will also have a representative at this event.

If you have questions or concerns about this outreach effort, please click here, or contact Kenneth Heath, Carol Simonson or Barry Day.

Barry Day - Sunday Morning - 09/08/19

Canyon View’s Back-to-School Outreach 2018

Again, this year, we hope to provide backpacks and school supplies for 20 students at Kit Carson Elementary School in the Linda Vista area. A bin for contributions will be in the foyer from July 15 – August 19.

Suggestion lists are available now to help with your shopping choices.

Each year it seems that stores like Walmart, Target, and Staples begin their back-to-school promos and bargains earlier and earlier. If anyone prefers to donate money (cash or check made out to Canyon View), we will gladly do the shopping.

If additional items are donated above and beyond the goal, members can let us know of families that may need this type of help.

If you have questions or comments, please talk with Patti Rolla or Carol Simonson.

Thank you, in advance, for your continuing support and generous hearts. This ministry has been ongoing for 15 years.

Recommended Supply List 


Feeding Kids First

Hello, Canyon View!

Feeding Kids First is an organization in San Diego whose goal is to help children with food-deficit issues at home. Every weekend, there are thousands of children in San Diego County who go home and don’t know if they’ll get a meal before school comes back around on Monday.

There is a box in the foyer labeled, “Feeding Kids First,” for those who would like to make a food donation. The last day will be Sunday, June 3rd.

Feeding Kids First kindly requests nonperishable, individually packaged foods, such as oatmeal, macaroni and cheese, or fruit snacks. If you’re interested in helping, there will be an information sheet on the box with a more descriptive list of what the organization is looking for. Thank you for your help!


Brown Bag Christmas 2017

Canyon View will provide 100 bags of groceries to hungry community members as a gift from Jesus this season. The gift will help families have a holiday meal. Lists of food items and bags are available in the foyer. Please, make sure that no food item expiring before January 31, 2018 is placed in your bag.
1. Pick up 2 brown bags (for double bagging) and a food item list.
2. Give your bag a “holiday spirit” by decorating it in a fun and festive way.
3. Fill your doubled bag with the listed items.
4. Place your bag near the podium on or before SUNDAY, DECEMBER 10th.
5. For questions or to request a food bag, contact Sue Youngflesh, (619) 733-1373.
A $20 grocery gift card will be added to each bag before delivery so that recipients may purchase fresh items or meat. If you wish to contribute toward the gift cards, make a separate check out to the church (annotated “Christmas Gift
Card”) and put it in the offering plate OR place a check or cash in one of the “donation cans” located at the entrance.

Suggested Food List