Sunday Morning – 12/29/19

2020 Vision: Helping People See Jesus
Helping people see Jesus requires a FOCUSED church and FOCUSED Christians. 2020 Vision is: Open Eyes, Fixed on Jesus, Seeking the Lost, and Focused on Heaven.

Sunday Morning – 12/22/19

3 Reasons Why JESUS Came: Jesus Came to Give the Abundant Life
The abundant life is having God fully in your life. Life with God is not about worldly
possessions, passions, and pursuits. It’s about what matters—the overwhelming
abundance and over-the-top quality of a life with God that is given by his Son, Jesus.

Sunday Morning – 12/15/19

3 Reasons Why JESUS Came: Jesus Came to Call Sinner to Repentance

Jesus was sent by God and born into our world to help people change and be right with God. Just like faith, repentance is not real unless it motivates us to action and change.

Repentance is the decision and the follow through of changing the direction of our lives by living for God and his righteousness.

Sunday Morning – 12/01/19

God’s Love

Sunday Morning – 11/24/19

Fighting the Good Fight with Prayer
Where do you begin to change things in your life?  When do you begin to start living a better life?  When do you begin to have victory in the challenges you face? To help the ones you love find salvation? The very best way to Fight this Good Fight is with PRAYER.

Sunday Morning – 11/17/19

I am Thankful for the Power of Prayer
Our lesson this morning on prayer is about Jesus’ disciples failing to heal a boy when they had the power to do so. Why did they fail? They didn’t pray. Jesus taught them that the power is not in them or us, it’s in the Lord!


Sunday Morning – 11/10/19

2019 MONTH OF PRAYER: Thanking God for our Church Family
Do you believe prayer works? Does it change things? We need constant, positive, specific, God-glorifying, Christ-adoring, love-filled, faithful, result-oriented prayers for our congregation.

Sunday Morning – 11/04/19

International Day of Prayer

Sunday Morning – 10/27/19

The Apostle of Love: Being Known for Love
What’s the evidence that God’s love is in us? When our love is at work. We’re all known for something. Be Known For Love!

Sunday Morning – 10/20/19

The Apostle of Love
Jesus Love Sinners and Strugglers