Sunday Morning – 02/16/20

DEVOTED! A Devoted Life Will Have Struggles and Doubts
Devotion to Christ can bring challenges and struggles. But the blessing of devotion far outweigh the struggles

Sunday Morning – 02/09/20

Devoted! Devotion Requires Humility and Submission
To be devoted, Jesus must become greater in our lives, and we must become less.

Sunday Morning – 02/02/20

DEVOTED! How do Christians Learn to be Devote?
Our goal must be to add to our focused vision our full devotion to the Lord.  How do we learn to be devoted? Influence. Observation. Decision.

Sunday Morning – 01/26/20

2020 VISION: Focused on Prayer
One of the most important things to focus on is looking to heaven, talking to God, and asking him to give us success.  This is what Jesus did on the night before his death. In John 17, Jesus “looked toward heaven and prayed” for the success of God’s plans and his disciples’ mission.

Sunday Morning – 01/19/20

2020 VISION: Darkness to Light
A focused church is filled with focused Christians. Our focus must always be on Jesus, on the spiritual need of others, on the spiritual and the eternal, and on perfection with Christ.  However, Satan will not sit back and watch us mature in Christ.  Whereas Christ fights for us, Satan fights against us. This fight is between the light of Christ and the darkness of Satan

Sunday Morning – 01/12/20

2020 VISION: AIM for Perfection (Part 2)
If we are going to “become mature, attaining to the whole measure of the fullness of Christ” we must focus on ourselves clearly.  We must examine ourselves to see if we are in the faith.

Sunday Morning – 01/05/19

2020 Vision: Aim for Perfection
“You are to be perfect, as your heavenly Father is perfect” (Matthew 5:48). The world tells us perfection is impossible.  Jesus not only demands it, he provides the way to achieve it.



Sunday Morning – 12/29/19

2020 Vision: Helping People See Jesus
Helping people see Jesus requires a FOCUSED church and FOCUSED Christians. 2020 Vision is: Open Eyes, Fixed on Jesus, Seeking the Lost, and Focused on Heaven.

Sunday Morning – 12/22/19

3 Reasons Why JESUS Came: Jesus Came to Give the Abundant Life
The abundant life is having God fully in your life. Life with God is not about worldly
possessions, passions, and pursuits. It’s about what matters—the overwhelming
abundance and over-the-top quality of a life with God that is given by his Son, Jesus.

Sunday Morning – 12/15/19

3 Reasons Why JESUS Came: Jesus Came to Call Sinner to Repentance

Jesus was sent by God and born into our world to help people change and be right with God. Just like faith, repentance is not real unless it motivates us to action and change.

Repentance is the decision and the follow through of changing the direction of our lives by living for God and his righteousness.