WINGS (Women in God’s Service)

WINGSWith the city’s tiers expected to peel back in the next few weeks, it is time to think about an opportunity to sign up to serve in the WINGS program.

Tasks include arranging refreshments/food for church-sponsored events and communicating with the office about arrangements. For example, potlucks (remember those?) would include receiving food, seeing that beverages are provided, and cleanup following the event. The kitchen will be under renovation over the next couple of months, so onsite food preparation will not be available during that time.

WINGS members are also responsible for arranging receptions along with the family members for memorial services. Managing the scheduling of food for families in time of need is another service. As you can understand, responsibilities vary from month to month, and most of the time, we may not know those events when choosing a month to volunteer.

If you are physically able and would like to be of service, you are invited to participate for a month with a team of four. You may select the month that best fits your schedule.

We expect to restart the program in May 2021. Please contact Kay Ragan ( or Estella in the office ( if you have questions and to choose the month you would like to serve in. It is a great opportunity to get to know new people or recruit your friends to serve with you. Sign-ups are available now for 2021, May through December.