Month of Thankfulness

Nearly 20 years ago, Canyon View began to have a “Spiritual Renewal Weekend” early each September. Members would come to the building to participate in 30-minute segments of prayer during a 24-hour period of prayer and fasting. That led to years of building our prayer life during a “Month of Prayer” in October. For the last few years, we have focused on one aspect of prayer during our “Month of Thankfulness” in November. The elders encourage you to support this yearly tradition of observing prayer for a full month, dedicated to thanking God for a multitude of blessings that he bountifully provides. What a great opportunity to grow in this spiritual discipline! You will find prayer guides in the lobby which give suggested prayer topics for each day for adults, as well as for our youth and children.

This year, on Saturday, November 9th, we will join our voices in thankfulness to God for our loving church family at Canyon View. You will have the opportunity to join with other members during a 24-hour day of prayer. Rather than taking place at our building, you will pray for our congregation for a 30-minute period wherever you are—at home or work, by yourself or with friends or family. From midnight Friday to midnight Saturday, there are forty-eight 30-minute time slots. As soon as possible, locate the sign-up sheet in the lobby to choose your preferred time with God in prayer. Let’s cover our Canyon View family in sweet conversations with our God during that full and blessed day!

Additionally, November 3rd is the International Day of Prayer for the Persecuted Church. That Sunday we will have the opportunity to view a video that focuses on a missionary spreading the gospel on the border of China and North Korea. In addition to our prayers of thanksgiving during November, this day of prayer reminds us of all the missionaries worldwide who NEED our prayers.

“We always thank God for all of you and continually mention you in our prayers” (1 Thessalonians 1:2).

Download the Prayer List here

Family Fall Festival

Canyon View is hosting a family-oriented Fall Festival as a safe and fun alternative to Halloween. There will be various activity areas with games, prizes, and fun. There will also be food and lots of treats and candy for the children.

We need more support! As hosts, please help by donating treats, prizes, and candy. Volunteers can look at the sign up sheets to see what areas still need to be filled.

The smallest help does not go unseen. Most importantly, invite your neighbors and friends.

We hope to see you this Saturday, October 26 (5:00-8:00PM). Sign-up sheets are in the lobby.

For additional information, please contact Darren Rury, Jason Godfrey, or the office.

Sunday Morning – 09/08/19

Jesus Died for everyone… EVERYONE! 

For us to have a full and accurate understanding of Jesus on the cross, we must understand and confess that The Innocent died for the Guilty! He died on the cross for everyone…EVERYONE!

Back-to-School Ministry

Thank you note received from Kit Carson Elementary:
To everyone at Canyon View: Thank you so much for your kind and generous donations of backpacks stuffed with supplies! We can’t tell you enough here at Carson how much we appreciate (and need) community support from amazing people such as yourselves. It means so much to know that our families in need will be taken care of.
Thanks to you, our students can come to school prepared to learn. But not only that—it warms our hearts to know that they can walk in those doors in the morning and be proud of their cool new backpacks and binders. They don’t have to be embarrassed about using hand-me-downs. You can tell by the looks on their faces how much it means to them as well. We want you to know that we truly value our relationship with you and we wouldn’t have such a successful school year without your wonderful efforts.
Carson Elementary School Staff


The Canyon View Back-to-School ministry provided 25 fully supplied backpacks for eager students at Kit Carson Elementary School in nearby Linda Vista. The bounty was delivered via two carts on Monday, the first day of school.
In addition, boxes of surplus supplies and items for the staff workroom were included. This message is a collective “Thank You” to all the members at Canyon View who generously continue to support this community outreach.
A note was included in each backpack with these thoughts, in English and Spanish (Thanks, Gilbert for your translation!):
“This backpack was carefully filled with love by members of the Canyon View Church of Christ and Canyon Villas Retirement Facility. May your child’s new school year be full of learning and friendships.”

West Coast Ladies Retreat

October 25-27

Guest Speaker: Kay Gowen

This year we will be BREWING UP some wonderful experiences that will have our cups overflowing with love from lessons in 1 John. We are thrilled to have Kay Gowen return as our guest speaker this year. She is from Searcy, Arkansas and is the Director of Abundant Living Senior Outreach at Harding University. We look forward to Kay bringing us HEART STIRRING lessons that will deepen our relationship with God and with each other. There will be a LATTE LOVE to drink in as we taste the sweet, sweet love our Heavenly Father has for each of us as we encourage each other to work together in WELL BLENDED HARMONY. See you at the COFFEE SHOP, we mean the beautiful mountains of Oak Glen! We can’t wait to share a cup of steaming hot coffee (or tea) and fellowship with you.

Your West Coast Ladies Retreat Committee, 2019

Regular price: $165 The Early Bird Special: $150 (Ends Aug. 31st.)

REGISTER: * Email: * Call: 714*893*5636

Appreciation for your generous giving…

A huge “Thank You” to everyone at Canyon View who donated swimsuits and money to purchase swimming items for the Learn-to-Swim program at the Jackie Robinson YMCA.  This year, members have provided more than 50 children with swimwear! In addition, goggles and rash guards were donated by members.

Our neighbors at Canyon Villas provided 18 more swimsuits and 18 beach towels.

Your thoughtfulness, generosity and continuing support are much appreciated by the Jackie Robinson YMCA community. This annual outreach has been on-going for nine years. Each year, your generosity increases. Thank you for your heartfelt giving.

Carol Simonson

“Learn to Swim” Outreach for 2019

As summer approaches, many school-age children will be learning water safety and swimming skills through programs offered by the YMCA. Historically, Canyon View members have generously provided swimsuits for children in need who are signed up for The “Y” Learn-to-Swim programs.

New swimsuits and goggles will be collected beginning on June 2 and continuing through July 14. A plastic bin will be in the foyer for your donations. Costco, Target and Walmart offer youth swimsuits at fairly reasonable prices. Youth suits in sizes Toddler 4 through Teen 14 would be appreciated. If you would rather donate money, we will gladly shop for you.

Thank you, in advance, for your continuing involvement and generosity. Be sure to see the photos from last year’s donations near the bin in the foyer.  If you have questions or comments, please contact Carol Simonson or Patti Rolla.

A Season of Thanks and Giving

Nearly two months have passed since Canyon View hosted a blood drive. During that outreach event, you generously provided 18 units, enough to benefit up to 54 patients. By now, the amazing feeling that you may have saved someone’s life might be wearing off. However, the patients who received the donations won’t forget your generosity.

Recently I received a “thanks-for-giving” message from the SD Blood Bank and want to share a few of their thoughts with you:

√ Being a donor is an amazing gift to those in medical need.
√ Being a healthy donor offers a sense of purpose and belonging.
√ Donors feel a special connectedness to their fellow human beings.
√ A donor has the opportunity to be an essential part of something “bigger than self.”

Please consider becoming a “regular” donor in the future. Most folks are eligible to donate again 8 weeks following a previous donation. (“Double red” donors need to wait 12 weeks.)
A fleet of blood mobiles covers the county in an ongoing basis. To make an appointment by phone, call 1-800-469-7322. The staff will gladly help you locate a mobile place or donor center and a date/ time that works for you. To make an appointment online go to

Each time you donate, please remember to mention the code CVCV so that your donation will gener- ate a “credit” in the Canyon View account at the San Diego Blood Bank. Again, thank you for your generous response to our community outreach effort. If you have questions about becoming a donor, please talk with Kenneth Heath, Barry Day, or me, Carol Simonson.

Sunday Morning – 10/21/18

Sunday Morning – 07/22/18