Sunday Morning – 05/08/22

Barry Days presents REMEMBER: The Lord’s Supper – What the Lord’s Supper Really Means

Mayfield Disaster Relief 2021

The students, parents, staff & board of Mayfield City Schools wanted to take the time to reach out and say a special THANK YOU for your gift to the Mayfield Donation Fund in the wake of the unimaginable events of December 10th, 2021. The outpouring of love and support of people like you has been much needed in our school system!
For our students and staff, whether they were directly affected or not, their lives were forever changed that night. We are very blessed to report that all our school campuses were spared major damage. Even more incredible is the miracle that we did not lose any students enrolled at our schools. However, our bus garage and maintenance area were a total loss and the district lost 19 of our 20 buses along with all of our upkeep equipment.
Furthermore, we did have 65 families who lost everything.
As we were scrambling to try to contact students while still in shock, this fund idea came from a Mayfield alumni who wanted the money to go directly to our school system and be put into immediate action. His goal was to try to provide any immediate needs while maintaining contact and keeping students enrolled in Mayfield schools. We are blessed to have a great team, and the already active family resource infrastructure in place enabled us to quickly make an impact in an organized manner.
We understand this is a huge long-term recovery for our school system. We intend to come out even better on the other side thanks to the gifts and support we have received.
On behalf of the entire community and Mayfield City Schools, we appreciate you forever!

Sunday Morning – 01/23/22

Barry Day presents WHY WE NEED HEAVEN

Sunday Morning – 12/05/21

Barry Day presents DANIEL: Reputation Matters (Daniel 6:1-11)

Library News

stack of booksThank you for the many donations to the Canyon View Library the last few years.  The library shelves are quite full, so we are working to reduce inventory by keeping only one copy of most titles.  We are also removing some books and series that are more appropriate for public libraries than church libraries. Many of those books are also available online.  A list of FREE BOOKS is available sorted by Title and by Author.  If you see books you want to take home for yourself or give as a gift this year, then please email your selections to Lisa Caswell, Librarian, at  I can make arrangements with you to pick up your selections.  These books/materials will be donated or discarded after January 1, so this may be your last chance to acquire some valuable books.

(I cannot vouch for content or recommend particular books that I have not read.  We will accept your book reviews on any book in the library and may publish reviews in the bulletin in the future.)

List of Books:

MOPS Fundraiser – Cards for a Cause

Fundraising EventWe are partnering with Cards For a Cause to raise funds for the MOPS ministry. You can purchase boxed sets of beautifully embellished cards with matching envelopes. Please click the link below to purchase one of these boxes.

If you would like to donate cards to the church please reply to this email.

For any questions, please contact Amy Marquez 619-851-2692.

*Holiday Card Collection Box includes 50 cards and envelopes.

  • All Occasion Box #1
  • All Occasion Box #2
  • The Kid's Birthday box
  • Thanks & Blanks
  • Holiday Card Collection


MOPS fundraiser: Cards for a Cause

WINGS (Women in God’s Service)

WINGSWINGS is the hospitality committee for our church family.  Each able woman who is a member at Canyon View is asked to be on one of our “WINGS Teams.”  Each team has two co-leaders and a minimum of four additional members.  Each WINGS Team is responsible for one activity at a time.  The more teams we have, the longer the time before each team needs to serve again.

WINGS is responsible for helping with functions at the building when the WHOLE church is involved.  These include potlucks, funerals, baby showers, and bridal showers.

If you are interested in helping or would like more information, please reach out to Estella in the church office ( to get in touch with one of the WINGS coordinators.

Special Back to School Ministry

This is definitely a different Back to School season.  As in the past, we’ve decided to
help with Supply needs for 3 schools:

Ross, Carson, and Linda Vista Elementary Schools.

These schools are also served by our Blue Bag food Ministry. 

A list of suggestions and donation bins will be available in the Canyon View foyer soon.  For now, you can contribute pencils, pens, crayons, markers, and wide-ruled notebook paper/composition books.  Monetary donations will also be accepted.

A small storage area at each school will allow a staff member to accompany students to “shop” for their needed supplies.

Thanks in advance for your continued generosity.

Sunday Morning – 02/21/21

Examining the Heart

Sunday Morning – 01/24/21

8 CHURCHES – #4 Thyatira: Being Pure in an Impure World